Troopers Tipple is a thirst quenching “session” India Pale Ale. You will discover an earthy aroma from the English hops and a medium malt body. The crisp bitterness lead to a clean, refreshing finish. Unlike West Coast IPA’s, Troopers Tipple has a modest 38 IBU’s but plenty of hop flavor from the English East Kent Goldings added in the boil and as dry hops during cold conditioning.


Troopers Tipple has a fine golden color and a satisfying body but is less filling and more revitalizing than stronger versions. At 5.1% ABV it’s a modern interpretation of the classic.


The Original IPAs were developed to provision the troops garrisoned in India during the period of British rule. The long sea voyage from England required a higher alcohol content and the use of more hops to act as natural preservatives before refrigeration!

Available on draft.

Please Drink Responsibly

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