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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Events can be booked up to a maximum of 90 days in advance.


  • Event duration is max 3 hours. Events up to 4 hours require approval from NEB.

  • Tabs: If you wish, we can open a tab and provide drink tickets for you to hand out to control cost/consumption. You will arrange any food separately, we don’t have any packages with food (See next). Your guests can also pay separately, of course.

  • Food:  You can order food from they are just down the street from us and will deliver – it’s free delivery if you use the app (download once on site). You may also order from the Craft Taco, restaurant also in the same vicinity as the brewery. Or you are free to bring your own food. Catering must be agreed in advance with New English and can only be set up indoors. Food trucks are not allowed on site at any time and will be asked to leave if they show up for any reason. Any food vendor on-site will be required to provide insurance for New English and the property owner at least 2 weeks in advance.

  • Outside alcohol:  We sell beer, hard seltzer, and soft drinks only. We don’t allow ANY outside (brought in by you) alcohol anywhere on the premises, either inside or in the beer garden area as it’s a violation of our ABC license.

  • Seating:  Per our booking page, all parties are first come, first served. We don’t reserve space and your party is not private. In other words, our premises is open to all and we can’t guarantee who will be here. Our booking system is an attempt to manage the expectations of large groups by not “booking” too many folks on the same day/time. We also need to be aware of space loading and staffing etc.

  • Setting up:  Please don’t arrive more than 30 mins before your event to “set up”. We don’t allow patrons to block and hold large chunks of space in anticipation of a group coming in much later as it’s not fair to our other patrons. You may bring table cloth(s) and small, free-standing signs, but please, no large banners or any device requiring fixing to any plant, tree, wall or other structure. Any damage will be the responsibility of the patron and may be charged for repair.


  • Children: Children are welcome with their parents at New English. We require all parents to monitor and manage their kids and ensure that children are not running, jumping off the landscaping, yelling or otherwise causing disruption to other guests. Children are not allowed in the “PUB” side of the tasting room. We are not open to large groups of children, for e.g. Birthday parties. Please remember that this is a brewery, and we expect to mostly serve adults over 21 with alcoholic beverages. That is our mission. Also, please note, everyone must wear shoes at all times as there is a slight possibility of broken glass or other sharp items from dropped serve ware. We do our best to clean up broken items but can’t be everywhere at once. Everyone using the property does so at their own risk and New English Brewing is not liable for any damage, loss or injury suffered whilst using our premises.


  • Party Favors:  For parties like birthdays / baby showers etc, we don’t allow party poppers, streamers, confetti or any type of small particulate matter / glitter etc as it’s a nightmare to clean up. Also (in the case of baby showers etc) no “gender reveal” type devices, pyrotechnics, sprays or compressed gas devices of any kind allowed anywhere on the property.

  • Commercial ventures, Fundraisers & Tour Bus Groups: New English brewing does not allow any commercial activity to take place anywhere on our licensed premises. Also, demonstrating products or giving away samples or literature regarding a commercial venture is also prohibited. No person may solicit for any cause or venture, political campaign or cause on the premises.  If you want to plan a fundraiser or bring a beer tour group, you must request permission at least 2 weeks in advance in writing. New English, at its sole discretion, may decline to accommodate the request.

  • Use of the outdoor space is governed by agreement with our landlord and licensing by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Use of the space is complimentary and not guaranteed by any booking or agreement made with New English Brewing Company, Inc by any means, written or verbal. At any time, for any reason, use of the outdoor space may be denied without prior notice and any booking made though this website does not constitute an agreement or contract to deliver said space.

Our Address is:

11545 Sorrento Valley Rd. Suite 305​

San Diego, CA 92121


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