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Winner of nearly 50 medals in prestigious beer competitions, such as Great American Beer Fesitval and The World Beer Cup, New English beers span a wide variety of styles and flavor profiles: from crisp and refreshing to bursting with hoppy goodness, to dark and smooth. All of our beers are brewed with the finest ingredients and most are gluten-reduced. There's something for every craft beer lover here! 

Available on draft and package in16oz 4-packs.

Pure & Simple IPA 4-Pack Cans

PURe &



Zumbar Chocolate Coffee Imperial Stout 4-Pack Cans


Whole Lotta Hazy IPA 4-Pack Cans


San Diego International Beer Competition Gold Medal winner, Pure & Simple IPA is a West Coast IPA with Mosaic & Citra Hops. Bursting with fresh tropical fruit aromas of melon, mango, guava and peach, Smooth with a hint of bitterness but refreshing and delicious.

6.5% ABV. GR

16oz 4-packs & on draft

Double GABF medal winner and Best Of Show at the 2015 LA International beer competition. Zumbar is dark and delicious, roast and smooth with coffee flavor and aroma over mellow chocolate goodness. Bitterness is supported by a huge malt body and 9.3% ABV. GR

16oz 4-packs & on draft

Featuring Citra in the kettle with Mosaic and Simcoe dry hops, Whole Lotta Hazy IPA is a complex yet approachable, smooth and refreshing New England Style IPA. A solid haze to satisfy fans of the style and loaded with aroma and flavor. Only a hint of hop bitterness. 6.8% ABV.

16oz 4-packs & on draft

Blueberry Blonde 4-Pack Cans



Por Favor Pils 4-Pack Cans



Brewers Special Brown 4-Pack Cans



Brown Ale

First brewed for Breast Cancer awareness month in 2016 we added a ton of Artisan Natural Blueberry puree to our American Blonde ale. The result is this deep purple, slightly tart yet easy to drink beer! Originally a specialty, this fan favorite is now a year round offering.

6.0% ABV. GR

16oz 4-packs & on draft

Por Favor is a crisp and clean Pilsner style beer brewed with Czech Saaz hops and American 2-Row Barley. Cold fermented to produce a pure and classic light-bodied beer that is hugely drinkable yet with a character of it's own.

4.8% ABV. GR

16oz 4-packs & on draft

Winner of the World Beer Cup Bronze Medal in 2016 and known as the "best brown in town" Brewers Special has been a core beer since the start of New English. True to style with English hops, malty, smooth and satisfying. 6.6% ABV. GR

16oz 4-packs & on draft

Bloody Orange IPA 4-pack cans



Brewed with dried sweet orange peel and real Blood Orange fruit puree for a hint of color and a hit of orange zest. Mosaic dry hops add their magic to this crisp and crushable twist on a San Diego classic.

7.2% ABV. GR

16oz 4-packs & on draft

Mosaic Hop Slap'd Pale Ale 4-Pack Cans



PalE ale

Showcasing the contribution to flavor and aroma of the mighty Mosaic® aroma hop. Dry hopped at the same rate as a double IPA but in a crushable San Diego Session beer. When you’ve tasted this beer, you know you’ve been Hop Slap’d!

5.5% ABV. GR

16oz 4-packs & on draft

Belgian Blonde 4-Pack Cans



 Our take on a classic Belgian Abbey
Ale, this beer is golden blonde in color
with a smooth, rich body and a creamy
white head. Fragrant with a slight
aroma of cloves, yet zesty and fruity
with a hint of vanilla, this is a complex
and satisfying brew. Pairs perfectly
with almost any meat, cheese or fish
course. 6.8% ABV

Humbly Legit IPA 4-pack cans




Our original West Coast Style IPA, Cascade and Centennial hops are the foundation for this beer, pine and citrus notes, with a flavor of seville orange. A hint of Rye malt adds a touch of spice too.

7.5% ABV. GR

16oz 4-packs & on draft

Explorer ESB 4-Pack Cans



Classic English Style Pub Pale Ale. Malt forward with toffee and caramel notes. English Fuggle hops.

5.8% ABV. GR

16oz 4-packs & on draft

Valley Fog Hazy DIPA 4-Pack Cans

VALLey fog


Named after the morning marine layer that swirls around the brewery almost year round, Valley Fog is a Double Hazy IPA packed with tropical fruit flavors and aromas courtesy of Mosaic and Aloha hops with a smooth, creamy texture on your tongue. Pour into your favorite vessel and lose yourself in a shroud of fog. 8.5% ABV. 

16oz 4-packs & on draft

Pacific Storm Stout Pint




Pacific Storm Stout is a Classic Dry Irish Stout. Pouring from a traditional Nitro powered Stout faucet, the soft, creamy head forms proudly atop a maelstrom of cascading black goodness. 5.0% ABV.

Currently available only on draft.

Barrel-Aged Brown Ale 4-Pack Cans




Our Brown Ale aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels for a minimum of 9 months. Hints of oak and vanilla make this an approachable smooth and aromatic barrel aged beer.

8.0% ABV

Raspberry Sour Ale 4-Pack Cans




A Berliner Weisse Kettle Sour. Raspberry Sour is brewed with fresh artisan raspberry puree. Perfectly tart and refreshing, light and balanced, with a fragrant fruit aroma.

5.5% ABV. GR

Vienna Lager Pint



Sometimes called an Amber Lager,
Vienna Lager has the clean character of a lager, while maintaining a smooth creaminess and

a light toasty maltiness.
Very sessionable. 5.5% ABV.A

Currently only available on draft.

Double or Nothin' Imperial IPA 4-Pack Cans

Double or


Imperial IPA

A smooth and deceptively easy drinking Imperial IPA loaded with fresh hop flavor and aroma. Double or Nothin’ IIPA has late kettle additions of Cascade hops for classic West Coast pine and citrus notes together with Simcoe hops for more citrus and berry character plus a touch of dankness. Double or Nothin’ IIPA is a complex yet balanced celebration of flavor without the bitterness sometimes present in these bigger beers.

8% ABV

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